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Best places to retire - in Thailand

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Thailand - one of the most visit country in the world because of its beautiful Tropical nature. The average temperature is between 19 - 38 celsius all year round. There are total of 76 provinces in Thailand divided into 6 parts which are North, North/East, Middle, East, West and South. Each parts and each provinces have their own identity and attractions which is why Thailand is also ranked one of the most popular destination for retirement.

When talking about places to retire, the first city we must mention is the capital city of Thailand - Bangkok, a modernised city, yet rich with wonderful culture. Bangkok is known as a cosmopolitan city of South East Asia, it is very fast growing with countless of skyscrapers and high-rise residential buildings, home to many multi-nations companies. You can enjoy yourself with different fine-dine restaurants everyday or wander through various street food along the vibrant streets, shopping in luxurious shopping malls or stroll along night markets, the choice is yours, but one thing that could be guaranteed is that you will never get bored in Bangkok.

Another popular city to retire is 150 kilometres east from Bangkok. Pattaya - a city on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast, only one an a half hours drive from Suwannabumi Internatinal airport. Pattaya was known as a city of colourful nightlife, but it is now also known for many nearby islands, beautiful golf courses and nature. Because it is easily accessible to the centre of Bangkok and hospitals, it is one of the top choices among retirees.

HuaHin - a district in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, another choice for retirement. HuaHin is a small city about 230 kilometres west of Bangkok. HuaHin is a very small and quiet city and not too far from Bangkok, if you are looking for a quiet and easy going with beautiful nature retirement, this is a city for you.

Phuket - the most popular beach holiday destination. Phuket is 1.5 hours fly from Bangkok and has many direct flight from overseas daily. Phuket has its own charm because of the nice weather, beautiful nature and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Phuket is another advance city of Thailand after Bangkok, with efficient hospital and facilities, there are many other islands and nearby provinces such as Samui, Krabi, Phiphi Island which you could visit easily.

Next we are going to the North of Thailand - Chiang Mai is one hour and twenty minutes flight from Bangkok. For those who is not a fan of beaches this city is the answer for you. Chiang Mai is famous for beautiful mountains, ancient temples and cultures and very easy to travel to nearby city to explore the nature of Thailand. You can easily find a wooden villas among a forest in Chiang Mai or nearby city to enjoy your peaceful life. Chiang Mai is much cooler than the rest of Thailand during December to February.

No matter where you would like to be, if you aim to retire or move to Bangkok we are here to help.

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